Greetings Everyone,

Wow, how time can fly and life can get in the way. You’ll notice some changes around here via layout, and posts. I am still working on the kinks (importing old posts from the website) since I could no longer afford to pay for the web hosting.

In my absurdly long leave of absence, I have actually been dedicating my time to learning/perfecting a new craft for me. I have been crocheting. Before you think about how I sound like an old lady and how lame that all sounds, let me stell you that I have found some amazing patterns that are definitely not for Grandma. Well, unless your Grandma likes horror movies and creepy things. If you are crafty, and have not tried crocheting, I highly recommend it. All you need are hooks and yarn (both very cheap) the internet can teach you the rest. I learned all the stitches/basics via Youtube, and read online instructions and after a few failed attempts I got pretty good at this. Red Heart yarn is usually priced at about $2.99 per skein, and from just a few skeins of yarn you can make all sorts of things for your wedding, your home and more!

Here are some of my favorite patterns and crocheted dolls (amigurumi) that I have found online!

Spider web

Crocheters, Click here for the pattern

You can make these and use them as table decorations in any color yarn that you like. Personally, I’d choose a really soft white yarn so the web appears as it does in nature.

Frankenstein and Bride

Oh how I wish I would have been crocheting for my wedding. Chubbyninjacrafts is amazing. Check out their other creatures that include a Mummy, the Invisible Man and Bela Lugosi!

Sugar Skull

Click here for the pattern!

I’ll have to scan/update some pictures soon from a book that my Husband bought me called “Super Scary Crochet”. There are some fun creatures/dolls in there with names like Murderous Mental Mary how could you possibly go wrong?

And with that, I will sign off here and leave you with one last design that I aspire to create once I am skilled enough.

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is ‘Yes’. That is, in fact, Regan and Father Merrin from The Exorcist, made out of yarn.