This is my very first Wedding Profile. In 2009 my boyfriend (now Husband) and I flew to Austin, TX to attend our friends wedding. Joe and Jamie are not only some of my favorite people, but they are a wonderfully creative couple and I knew that their wedding was going to reflect that. When I was told that it was a Dia De Los Muertos themed Wedding, I was ecstatic, since I had never seen (nor heard) of a wedding with that theme before. We attended their wedding four months prior to our engagement, so I wasn’t formally ‘indoctrinated’ into the wedding world yet.

Their Wedding truly opened my eyes to the fact that a Wedding can be anything that you want it to be. So I sent a message to Jamie and asked for permission to feature her here. She was very happy to oblige, and filled out some great information for Soon-to-be-Brides everywhere. Check out what Jamie had to say below and make sure to view the photos here:

Location & date of wedding:

The Crystal River Inn San Marcos, TX on 10/10/2009

I thought that a B&B would be a lot more intimate than a hotel but still be able to accommodate for rooms on site. B&Bs often have great backyards or gardens for that whimsical element.

Did you do any DIY projects:

I made the bouquets and boutonnieres myself. For the bouquets I used seasonal flowers (including Chinese lanterns) and wrapped them in black ribbon. For the boutonnieres, I actually used fake flowers so that I could do them ahead of time and also, because I felt that so they would make better keepsakes. One of my coworkers is crafty too so she ended up making a birdcage veil for me complete with little clay skulls that I had found at the Mexican market in San Antonio. This is where we also bought over half of the Day of the Dead figures and items we used to decorate the offerenda center pieces. I forgot, I also DIYed my own garter using black ribbon, pearls, and a little skull.

What did you do to help keep on your Wedding on budget:

Try to find the most costly wedding necessities (i.e. venue, dress, cakes, food, etc) for as cheap as possible, because everything else (even the small stuff) will really add up. I bought my dress from an online store overseas that makes replicas of designer dresses; my Lazaro replica only cost me $150! Even the “cheap” off-brand wedding dresses here in the U.S. would have cost way more than that. Also, consider getting married in a venue that is not primarily known for weddings. That will decrease the price and so will choosing a small town locale.

Your favorite moment of the day:

My favorite moment of the day was seeing our family members go crazy over the black and white photos of deceased loved ones in the offerenda centerpieces. My family didn’t originally understand what Day of the Dead stands for. It is a holiday that rejoices in love and togetherness and embraces loved ones who are both living and dead. Death is inevitable, so why should it be so morbid? When my family saw the pictures at the wedding they finally seemed to understand. They were so happy to see the people that they loved- alive and well, immortalized forever. Some of the pictures that they had never seen, they were literally trying to steal off of the tables during the reception.

Advice for brides-to-be who are having an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ wedding:

Explain the idea as nicely as possible to those closest to you, and don’t worry about the rest. I didn’t talk to my Grandmother soon enough and she started calling the wedding my “Night of the Living Dead Wedding”. Also I have to say that while DIY is amazing and can save you a great deal of money, don’t plan to do too much- especially at the last minute. I can’t stress that enough.

Any last words you’d like to add:

If you are going to do something different, make sure to do it well. People are going to be skeptical, so you want to show them that different is beautiful and that it can be both sophisticated and polished in all of its quirky wonder.