If you go to ‘Davids Bridal’ or any other wedding dress website (in the main market) you will see an onslaught of white or cream colored dresses. Now, I am not disgracing how beautiful these dresses are (I, myself wore an ivory dress for my Wedding) but for Brides who have dreamed of a colored wedding dress, this can be totally discouraging. When you go dress shopping for a colored gown, you are told that a) you can buy a bridesmaids gown in your desired color b) wear a ‘sash’ with a ‘splash’ color or c) you will have to see a seamstress and have your dress custom made. Wedding Dress Fantasy has helped put an end to this with its wide array of dresses that are available in almost any color that you can think of.

For instance, if you find a dress on their website that you fall in love with but it is not in the right color- you can have it made in any color that you choose. If you are a bit leery about buying something so expensive online without ever having tried it on, I recommend two things. One, go to a wedding parlor and try on dresses to find out what style works best with your body. Heck, you might even find a dress that is more traditional than you originally had planned. The second recommendation I have is to visit a tailor (or two) to get your proper measurements and then figure out what size dress to according to the size chart. Remember: Any dress will need some sort of alterations done in order to ensure a perfect fit. Granted, if it’s minimal, sometimes you can get the desired effect by wearing the right kind of undergarments.

The best part about these dresses are how completely affordable they are. These gowns are under $700 dollars and some of the most beautiful I have seen- Bring on the dress lust!

Do we get Wedding redos because we fall in love with another dress? Le sighhhhh….