Happy Friday Everyone!

In typical HBA fashion, I wanted to show a Wedding that I am positive cost a small fortune, and how you can achieve the same look for much less.

In 2008 Good Charlotte’s Billy Martin got married and since then, his Wedding has been used as a source of inspiration. All with good reason- check out their table decor:

Here’s how to get this look at prices you can afford:
Birdcages from Save On Crafts I am a huge fan of this site. I bought several items from here and they were all sent quickly, and exactly as described. These smaller birdcages are $15 a piece, and look great with ivory candles inside.

Candles from Candles For LessYou can get a box of six pillar candles for $5.99 (and if you are like me, and are a bit candle crazy you can definitely appreciate this)
– For glassware and flowers(should you choose to use real ones) I highly recommend checking out a wholesale flower place if you have one nearby. Very often they will have someone on contract who specializes in creating centerpieces/bouquets for Weddings and their fee is MUCH cheaper than using a florist. We paid 75% less on our flowers than what we would have spent at a Florist (believe me I checked)
Rose Petals– In lieu of real rose petals, Save On Crafts has some really nice ones and you can barely tell the difference of real/fake. They also come in a variety of colors. These are what we used.

Of course there are many other little details that you can interchange here, but this is a very basic way to set the stage.