These Toe Tags would be a great addition to any Horror/Halloween Wedding. These are made to be used as drink tags/wine charms for a Halloween party but there is also another creative/fun way to use them.

I saw this Wedding featured on Off Beat Bride last year, just a week before my Wedding. Jessi and John were/are my Wedding dopplegangers. However, they did use a super creative method of assigning seats at their Wedding that I wish I had thought of. They hung their Toe Tags from a tree (if you look at their photo slideshow on Flickr you can see it) and each tag had a different guest name/table name written on it.


Name: Mr. and Mrs _________
Date of Death: (Wedding date)
Comment: Dawn of the Dead

Using the comment section to write in different Horror Movie titles that corresponded to table centerpieces is (and was) GENIUS. At $2.99 for 24 pieces, these are simply- to die for. (I never could resist a good pun!)