For the record, I am far too accident prone to wear high heels (I would have broken ankles all year long). When I got to thinking about what sort of footwear to choose for the Wedding I was so tempted to break my usual routine and wear high heels but when I thought about being on my feet all day in a long dress and navigating many obstacles- the decision was easy.

This led my Husband and I to the idea of wearing Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein shoes- His and Hers. This was no easy task to find, let me tell you. After an intense Google search (I made it to page 20 of the results) and still coming up with nothing, I saw an ad for a website called

Zazzle (which is decidedly similar to Cafepress) has a ton of ‘create your own’ options. At the time so I was simply going to find a photo and screen it onto the shoes. And then on a completely random whim I decided to type in “Bride of Frankenstein” into their search box. I remember thinking to myself, “They are not going to have anything, this is pointless.”

I was wrong.

The photo above is from my Wedding. The ladies in the heels were my beautiful (and more coordinated) Bridesmaids. If you click the Ms. Fright link, you can play around with your own customizations, just like I did! I also found my Husbands shoes here! The sizes for their shoes appear to only be for Women but the shoes look quite unisex in person and since you can customize the colors, all for $72.00 it’s actually a bargain. You can see a photo of my Husband and I’s shoes together here.

For those who love heels, there are some wonderful Horror heels. Check out this search on Amazon: Zombie Heels

If only I were coordinated, had lots of money and endless closet space….